First Week

Audience Research

Audience Research

How can you lead someone if you don't know who they are?

Our first week is spent digging into who your potential audience will be and how to best communicate with them. We will learn where they spend most of their time online, what values and prejudices they have, who are their current "influencers" and what there lifestyle looks like.

This way we can craft an interview that is tailored made for the audience you are trying to reach and lead.

Second Week

Strategic Planning & Positioning

The company in “first place” get’s twice the long term market share of the company in "second place".

How do you take first in your market?

You create a new market entirely. 

During the second week, we look into what your competiros are doing so we can position you in an entirely new light.

We then develop multiple angles to use to start pitching to media companies and podcast hosts.

First Checkpoint

We will go over what we have discovered and the different angles we want to test. You will also receive a pamphlet on different editing styles our team can use. Assuming it all looks good we will move forward and develop multiple press kits.

Third Week

Press Kit & Public Relation Strategy

90 Public Relation Strategy & Press Kits

We know your audience, we know your story, now we have to communicate it.

We will put together a 90 day PR Strategy plan to execute outside of our monthly meetings.

This will include different pitch angles, press kits and releases and a media list. Approved press releases will then be placed onto the newswire so that your campaign can get up and running.

Fourth Week

Funnel Building

Funnel Building

This is when we get the infrastructure up and running. 

Email list, Facebook/Instagram Accounts, LinkedIn Access, Calendar Access and a Google Drive Account will all be set up for you this week.

You will be able to see the content we create in your Google Drive that way you can approve before it is uploaded.

We will also be wrapping up the strategy portion of our work, that way when we launch next week we can focus on the execution

Second Checkpoint

This will be our final meeting before we launch. We will review our 90 Day Public Relation Strategy and make sure we are all on the same page for the types of angles we want to take and the look and feel of the press kits.


We are able to take a two week pause here if you are unhappy with any of the work done so far. We will review and redo to make sure we are on the same page before we launch.

Fifth Week

Record and Launch

Record and Launch

The groundwork is laid, now all we have to do is record and launch. 

You will receive a small travel size media kit in the mail that we will use to film content with. This way you can record professional content anywhere in the world.

Once the interview is done we will walk you through how to upload the footage so that our team can get to work. 

It takes 7 business days for the interview to be cut up and ready to be posted. You will receive a short to confirm that you like the editing style and then our editors will be off to the races.

Sixth Week and Beyond

Public Relations

Public Relations

Every two weeks you will receive an email with how your socials are doing along with which media companies we are currently speaking to and where we have gotten you published.

Every Monday-Friday you will have shorts posted to all of the major media platforms along with a bi-weekly newsletter.

Twice a month you can expect to do some sort of interview on a podcast or news network with 3-5x your audience.

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