I cut my teeth in Hollywood work on shows premiering on networks like Netflix, HBO, and Discovery (a few of which won Emmy's) and with some of the top comedians and musicians at the time (No, Taylor Swift did not give me her number).

I lived in a prison for months recording interviews with convicts trying to clean up their lives from drugs. I carried heavy film equipment up mountains in the middle of winter. I learned "how the sausage is made" behind media with blood, sweat and tears, and if I were to go back in time I would do it all again.

The years spent in Hollywood taught me how to create engaging interviews and how to craft a story. Little did I know that experience would be invaluable to me and my clients when it comes to helping business owners turn to business leaders.

Marketing & Communication's

Why give up a career in Hollywood?

When the world shut down from Covid, the film industry shut down as well.

Is the film industry the place I want to spend the rest of my career? Turns out hiking up mountains at 4 AM wasn't something I wanted to do forever.

I locked myself in a room for months and learned. I devoured everything I could about copywriting and marketing. I got a couple of clients pretty quickly but wanted to learn more, within 6 months of deciding to make the transition I had a full time position working at SalesHive as a strategist.

During my time there, I helped over 30 clients bring in new business and leads through outbound marketing campaigns. I had a hand in nearly every industry including tech, AI, car manufacturers, insurance, and real estate.

After taking in all I could I wanted to go back out on my own and start NoEqual. It is based on my two areas of expertise, developing communication and marketing strategies, and making really engaging media.

I work as the primary strategist on campaigns, but I have a two editors helping me cut together content.

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